Alternatives: When Should You Consider Spine Surgery?

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Conservative treatment for scoliosis should always be your first line of defense.  However, sometimes spinal imbalances can progress quickly or become unmanageable with alternative treatments. When the curve is too great for correction or associated symptoms are becoming severe, it may be time for a referral to a NeuroSurgeon that specializes in scoliosis or spinal surgery correction.

With severe cases, spine surgery is a viable option that can restore function to the spine, and improve posture.  Considerations for deciding if surgery is right for you will include how you responded to other treatment options, degree and stability of the curve, age, symptoms you’re experiencing, and your overall health.

There are different spine surgical options for specific scoliosis cases. Your doctor can discuss and determine the best approach once he or she can perform a thorough exam and imaging. The most common and preferred option is a partial or complete spinal fusion surgery using screws and rods.

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    Who benefits the most from surgery?

    Surgery has the best outcomes for adolescents with severe cases.  Juvenile and infant surgery can lead to complications due to continued growth.  Whereas, surgical correction of scoliosis in adults can be more difficult and complicated.

    For adults, surgery is typically only recommended when it is associated with degenerative changes in the spine.  Otherwise, aggressive conservative treatment is recommended. This is especially true when the biggest impairment being addressed is pain.

    Top Reasons People Elect to Have Surgery

    The biggest reason for choosing surgery is often complications and stresses associated with the heart and lung function.

    Outside of these severe issues, surgery is commonly elected for cosmetic reasons.  While this is a valid concern, less intrusive forms of therapyies, including bracing with the ScoliBrace, as well as corrective chiropractic care through the Chiropractic BioPhysics technique should be highly considered as viable alternative options.

    At Bay Area Scoliosis Center, we have successfully treated hundreds of Bay Area residents restore their spines and postures, as well as manage and improve their scoliosis curves without any invasive surgeries or ineffective braces.

    The ScoliBrace Advantage:

    Compared to other braces on the market, such as the Cheneau, Boston, and Hospital braces, the ScoliBrace offers:

    • Lasting Results

    • 100% Custom Made

    • Curve Correction

    • Restore Muscle Balance

    • 3D Technology

    • Custom Pressure Points

    • Over Corrective Brace

    • Promotes Full Body Wellness

    Don’t Let Spine Issues Affect Your Quality of Life.

    • Back / Neck Pain

    • Posture Training

    • Disc Degeneration 

    • Migraines / Headaches

    • Scoliosis Curve Correction

    • Herniated Disc

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