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Scoliosis Treatment Using

ScoliBrace® and ScoliBalance®

ScoliBrace is a Scoliosis TreatmentOne of the most effective conservative treatment options for scoliosis is bracing. High quality braces like the ScoliBrace® offer benefits that are two-fold. This custom bracing solution provides extensive support to not only stabilize the spine, but also gently and gradually guide the spine into better alignment. The ScoliBrace® addresses the 3D aspects of scoliosis that most others do not, which is crucial for success. Plus, it is completely custom made to match each patient’’s specific needs.

Creating a Personalized Program that Works

No two spines are exactly the same, and we take that into account. At Bay Area Scoliosis Center, we carefully address each individual’s needs while using the most innovative research-based treatment options available. These include:

  • Creating a custom 3D brace based off of digital scanning and x-ray software to ensure spinal curves are accurately measured and addressed. We use the ScoliBrace®.
  • Proper education, and applying any final adjustments to the brace with a certified physician.
  • Scoliosis Specific Exercise (PSSE) using ScoliBalance® to encourage realignment, and retrain the body’s movement patterns and neural circuitry.

We are dedicated to providing evidence based treatments that work, making Bay Area Scoliosis Center one of the best in Northern California to help scoliotic patients stabilize and restore their spines back to health.

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Options for Customizing

Scoliosis in Children

Customized bracing options are available for infants and juveniles on a case by case basis.  Addressing any spinal misalignments early can prevent future complications and progressions while also improving self-esteem.

Scoliosis in Adolescents

The ScoliBrace can help address idiopathic issues in adolescents related to abnormal spine curves, pelvis and shoulder imbalances, poor posture, and rib humps.  

Scoliosis in Adults

Use of a ScoliBrace can slow, prevent, or even reverses symptoms associated with scoliosis.  It can promote better overall spine alignment, restore mobility, and reduce issues with pain, weakness and flexibility.  This is especially important with  adults to prevent complications such as falls and decreased quality of life. 

Nighttime Options

ScoliNight is a great option for younger patients to reduce or slow any progression of spinal curves without having to wear a brace full time.  Instead, the brace is only worn at nights, and is comfortable enough to have a restful sleep.

Case Studies

The ScoliBrace Advantage:

Compared to other braces on the market, such as the Cheneau, Boston, and Hospital braces, the ScoliBrace offers:

  • Lasting Results

  • 100% Custom Made

  • Curve Correction

  • Restore Muscle Balance

  • 3D Technology

  • Custom Pressure Points

  • Over Corrective Brace

  • Promotes Full Body Wellness

Don’t Let Spine Issues Affect Your Quality of Life.

  • Back / Neck Pain

  • Posture Training

  • Disc Degeneration 

  • Migraines / Headaches

  • Scoliosis Curve Correction

  • Herniated Disc

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